In 1964, the TAJIMA group developed a multi-head embroidery machine. Since then, we have made expensive manually produced embroidery accessible and familiar to the peoples of the world, and added beauty to their lives.


What we have cultivated are extremely artisanal skills of “sewing”, advanced engineering technology of “control” to be mechanically realized, and technology of “multi-head making” suitable for our originality and ingenuity for these “sewing”, “control” and “multi-head making” skills and combine and nurture them to provide high value-added products so that our products can please our customers throughout the world.


Hitoshi Tajima,

Made in Japan

“Made in TAJIMA” embroidery machines elaborately finished up to “Japan Quality”


When manufacturing Tajima embroidery machines for our customers,highly skilled operators with an uncompromising  level  of attention to detail  goes into the assembly of components and parts which have been made by high  precision equipment.Equipment such as 3D measuring instruments which ensures a high level of quality control through out  the whole process of manufacture of our machines.


It is not only in parts our  quality control using 3D measuring instruments, but also in “Quality Control”in the final inspection stage, our skilled operators comprehensively determine “Machine Quality” by using their finely tuned senses and skills to eliminate issues that could not be measured by testing equipment.

“Providing our world class performance and service from Japan to the world.”

It is our complete combination of people and technology that has made the TAJIMA brand the most recognized in the world with the highest market share of embroidery machines .

The Tajima group,equipped with a reliable ,solidified network consisting of 60 agents around the world ,provides the best possible support and reassurance to our customers.