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Our Backings

Producing good embroidery always starts with choosing the correct backing for your application.. It requires a good understanding of the various backing types offered in the market.

There are many types and weights of embroidery backing fabrics with each one serving a different purpose for different materials

Tajima Australia stock all the backings you need. From light, medium & heavy weights,white, & black, tear away ,cut away & pre cut plus many more. We stock an extensive range and are very competitively priced to suit every embroidery needs.

Water Soluble Solvy- is great as a topping for towels, polar fleece and corduroy to hold down the pile for a clean crisp result.

Melt-away Stablisers – Choose a melt-away stabiliser when the fabric is too delicate for a tear-away, too sheer for a cut-away or isn’t washable, or when you’re working with a special technique like making lace at an edge.

Wax Tearaway- is best suited for the use of metallic threads as it assists in lubricating the thread and needle, minimising thread breaks.

Just Some of the great products we offer !
TW8010100 80gram Cap Backing