SUPERTWIST & FS – Madeira Colour Card

SUPERTWIST  & FS Colour Card

Please Note * This colour card has both supertwist & FS thread colours in one card.



MADEIRA’s unique metallic effect thread with amazingly deep structured colour shades and textures ,glittering reflections,metallic effects….and available in two different thread counts!Whether embroidered solely or in combination with wool style BURMILANA embroidery thread or the CLASIC rayon embroidery thread, SUPERTWIST will make your embroidery even more attractive.

The colour range extends from bright plain colours to multicolour variations right through to the soft shades of opal colours.

Opal and crystal colours are now suitable for denim wash.

SUPERTWIST 12– optimum characteristics for standard ,chain stitch and chenille embroideries in 48 fantastic colours including interesting multicolour variations.

Available in

1000mt Cops,Art No 992-colour #

48 single colours


SUPERTWIST 30– 125 individual colour shades enable the implementation of brilliant designs and,by means of their amazing surface effects,the creation of selected variations meeting the highest requirements.Make your statement with MADEIRA metallic threads!

Available in

1000mt Cops,Art No.983-colour #

5000mt Cone,Art No .982-colour #

68 single colours

11 multicolours

16 opal colours

30 crystal colours


Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions16 × 15 × 2 cm