Madeira Metallic 200m Art No.9842

MADEIRA Metallic No.40

Art No .9842

Size 200mt

Colour Range

•Smooth 20 Colours •Brilliant 13 Colours •Sparkling 37 Colours •Soft 20 Colours

This Product is Sold as a Box of 5 Per colour


Metallic 40

MADEIRA metallised effect threads meet the highest requirements and of course are the highest quality. They run smoothly and problem free on all household sewing and embroidery machines due to their special twist construction unique to every single thread count. The high percentage of metallised foil adds sparkle and glitter to the thread and produces just the right amount of elasticity during embroidery.

Like all other MADEIRA threads, MADEIRA metallic threads can be used for embroidery and decorative effect stitching on anything from fashion, jeans, and home decoration through to precious table linen and elegant evening gowns. Simply reduce tension and stitch counts and most important, we recommend the use of the MADEIRA metallic needle.

MADEIRA’s Metallic No. 40  Thread  is available in 5 different

  • Metallized machine embroidery thread for a touch of elegance on your projects
  • Metallic 40 consists of 4 different thread types, based on different materials and twist constructions:

Pure silver coating enhances your embroidery with elegance. Special finish allows embroidering on most difficult materials. 13 Colours Available


The most famous metallized thread for fashion embroidery. The sophisticated twist construction creates a unique sparkling appearance. 37 Colours Available


Smooth touch but strong performance due to a new twist construction that reduces the metalized proportion to only 25%. Makes the twist flexible and                      smooth. 20 Colours Available

  • SOFT

Extra soft metallic thread made from a rayon core wrapped by an extra fine metallized foil. Outstanding blend of colors. Gentle to the skin .20 Colours Available

  • Each thread type has an individual appearance and texture
  • To be used on all sewing and quilting machines
  • Recommended needle: Madeira Metallic needle NM 90/14 Art No.9451

Additional information

Weight0.025 kg
Dimensions7 × 2 × 2 cm