Madeira Glamour 200m Art No.9806

MADEIRA Glamour No 12

Art No.9806


40 colours Available

*This product is sold as a Box of 5.

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MADEIRA Glamour No.12 Works perfectly on all sewing and embroidery machines, Ideal for top stitching, overlocking, stippling, seeding and cording. Strong enough to use on soft furnishings, for decorative seams and all other kinds of sewing and quilting. The thread always runs smoothly even on high speed machines. Choose from four exclusive finishes. With a revolutionary process that bonds a shimmery foil wrap to a thread core, MADEIRA has created metallic thread that is the sturdiest you can buy. This precision German engineering makes MADEIRA metallics durable enough for all purposes.

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Dimensions7 × 2 × 2 cm