Madeira Furry friends Art No 8200

Madeira Furry Friends Lana Set

Art No 8200


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This kit contains MADEIRA’s purest wool and cotton embroidery and quilting threads. Both will add dimension, texture and warmth to your embroidery and quilting projects. Also included in this kit is a Dakota Collectibles CD with 30 designs made specifically for use with MADEIRA’s LANA and COTONA threads.

 The Kit includes:
  • 8 x 200m Lana No. 12 spools
  • 8 x 200m Cotona No.30
  • 1 x Dakota Collectibles CD with 30 Designs, specially degitized for MADEIRA’s Lana and Cotona Thread
  • 1 x Wool Lana Needles, size 100/16, specially designed for MADEIRA’s Lana thread
  • 1 x Shade card Lana

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Weight3 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 10 cm