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Madeira Aeroquilt (Solid+12Veriegated) Thread & Display Stand

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Madeira Aeroquilt (Solid+12Veriegated) Thread & Display Stand

Madeira Aeroquilt 28 cone (Solid +12 Veriegated) Display

Article No.9131D

  • Cardboard Display which Holds 28 Cones
  • 16 x Solid Colours
  • 12 x Veriegated Colours

Premium Quilting Thread

100% Polyester Core Spun

2750mt Cones

Product Description

The Aeroquilt display stand includes 28 cones of 2750mt cones of Madeira Aeroquilt plus the Cardboard Point of sale display .(See Colours below)

Colours Included

(Solid Colours)8380,9320,9892,8105,8965,8660,8500,8992,8700,8550,9270,8821,8020,8010

8000,8100, (Veriegated Colours) 9514,9609,9510,9509,9508,9506,9507,9608,9601,9511,9600,9603

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 12 cm


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