Madeira Cotona 50 Multi Colour 18 Spool Box

Cotona 50 Clear Box 8035 BlackBground

Madeira Cotona 50 Multi Colour 18 Spool Box

Madeira Cotona 50

Multi Colour

18 Spool Clear Box

Art No.8035

Product Description

COTONA turns your textile creations into genuine and unique masterpieces. The gracious Egyptian raw material together with its production process brought to perfection, generates the extra special fine cotton thread Cotona which meet the highest demands, indispensable for naturally charming embroidery on table and bed linen, traditional costumes or fashion and home decoration, and is the perfect thread for quilting.

The box contains 18 spools 0f 1000m each of COTONA No. 50 Variegated embroidery thread

The Spools color numbers included in the box are: 517, 513, 506, 512, 515, 514, 518, 508, 511, 507, 505, 502, 519, 509, 516, 510, 520, 504

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 x 12 x 4 cm


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