Hooptech Compact Side of Cap & Shirt Clamp

Hooptech side of Cap and Pocket Clamp

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Suites: Tajima  ( Other Brands Available as a Special Order )

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Compact Pocket and Side of Cap Clamp

The Pocket and side of cap clamp is a compact versatile clamp that gives you the ability to achieve embroidery in those hard to access areas that a normal conventional embroidery hoop cannot access. Other uses include socks, gloves, beanies, shirt cuffs and other items that have limited space.

The clamp has a hand tightening knob at the top that open and close the top window which you can swing to the side for easy loading and are made from stainless steel which make them very durable.

Features Include

  • Mounts to machine using existing cap driver.
  • Single lever opens, closes and locks the clamp.
  • All stainless steel metal construction for many years of service.
  • Fully adjustable clamp adjusts to different fabric thickness.
  • Clamping action does not leave “hoop burns”
  • Use your existing framing gauge or the Hoop Tech Framing Gauge with the patented T-bar stretcher.


Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions25 × 12 × 12 cm