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Tajima TFMX-C Single Head Series Embroidery Machine

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Tajima TFMX-C Single Head Series Embroidery Machine

The Worlds First Single Head Machine That Thinks For Itself

Tajima’s technological superiority has never been more evident than with the TFMX-C1501 (Stretch) with a  single head embroidery machine.  This workhorse has an impressive stance, can handle the most challenging of products,its large Sewing area gives you a huge  450mm x 500mm to handle the largest of embroideries  and is ready for work 24/7.

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Product Description

TFMX C 1501 Single Head

The Worlds First Single Head Machine That Thinks For Itself

Tajima’s technological superiority has never been more evident than with the TFMX-C1501  Single Head Embroidery Machine.  This workhorse has an impressive stance, can handle the most challenging of products and is ready for work 24/7.

The TFMX-C1501 machine takes our reputation as the world most powerful single head embroidery machine to an entirely different level ,the TFMX-C1501 is the perfect choice for virtually any application.

Standard features and Benefits such as 

  • Color LCD Control Panel- The fast processing speed together with the 6.5 inch Colour LCD panel makes the whole process of Programming your machine easy.Easy navigation to Upload,Repeat ,Edit in just a few keystrokes .


  • Bar Code Ready.-All of our current Model Tajima Embroidery Machines have built in technology to load a design to the machine with the simple scan of a Barcode.BarcodeReady.jpg
  • Networking –The Networking System using Pulse Embroidery Software will create more efficient work flow from your Computer directly to your Machine.Networkable
  • Precision Thread Break Detection.-The machine automatically stops if the upper or lower thread breaks and when bobbin runs out.ThreadBreakDetect.jpg
  •  High Production Speed-The rotary hook ensures stable stitching at high production speeds of up to 1200 Stitches Per Minute and  thereby minimizes thread breaks while balancing  thread tension.HighSpeedRotaryHook.jpg
  • Large Embroidery Space- The Large Bridge type Design provides a deep embroidery Space of 450mm x 500mm
  • Standard Memory- 2 million stitches or up to 200 designs.
  • Latest Noise Reduction- Developed to help create a quiet and pleasant working environment for operators.
  •  Frame Back / Forward- Is designed to make  locating  a particular point/stitch within a design easy.
  • Trace Function-Check whether a design will fit in a frame before you sew.
  • Origin Return-The frame can be either manually or automatically returned to the design starting point (while the machine is stopped), even if the end point is different from the starting point.
  • Productivity-Production efficiency has been improved by decreasing downtime caused by color changes, thread trimming etc.
  • Automatic Offset / Manual Offset-Facilitates applique fabric placement and frame changing
  • Automatic Upper / Under Tread Trimming Device <ATH>-.Automatically operates by commands in the design data
  • Power Failure Control measures
  • Quick Frames Change Over System-Change from Tubular to Cap to Boarder with ease with the easy changeover system.
  • Condition Memory-Stitch conditions can be memorized together with embroidery data. The saved stitch conditions are applicable to job repeat. or other machines.
  • Scale Up / Down, Rotate-You can scale your designs down to 50% or up to 200% in increments of 1%, and rotate in 1-degree increments.
  • Automatic Repeat-A design can be automatically repeated up to 99 times both vertically and horizontally.
  • Design Editing-Modify, insert or delete your embroidery design data stitch by stitch.
  • Satin Stitch Reduction and Expansion-A very helpful function to automatically remove small stitches to prevent thread breakage effectively
  • Cleanup function-Increase or decrease actual stitch length according to the stitch length in a design.
  • Wide Cap Frames-Embroidery circumference of caps up to 360mm in length.2 types available Adult (Standard) and Children sizes(optional)
  • Tubular Goods Frames– Tubular Goods Frames are available in a Range of sizes to suit your special requirements,T-Shirts,shirts and other items.
  • Boarder Frames-Allows for full field Flat embroidery.


  • Maximum Speed:  1200 SPM
  • Needles:  15
  • Tubular:  439mm x 419mm
  • Flat:  440mm x 514mm
  • Cap:  75mm x 360mm
  • Min. Door Clearance:  780mm W
  • Machine with Stand Dimensions: (w)755mm x(L) 1255mm (L)x (H) 1519mm
  • Electricity:  Single Phase 100-120V 50/60Hz
  • Weight: 500 lbs
  • MADE IN JAPAN 100% Guaranteed.


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