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  • Spray Oil Product Code:TA-SP OIL Tajima Australia Embroidery machine lubricant was developed specifically for Embroidery machines. Features include an extension nozzle for accurate positioning of oil, and helps to prevent over oiling and the saturation and staining of garments. TA-SPOIL provides over 3000 applications per can, does not drip or run and stays where you spray it. Great for the use on Embroidery machine Rotary hooks, Needle Bars, Driver parts Bearings, Trimming parts. *Important note -THIS PRODUCT CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED VIA ROAD FREIGHT! Made in Australia 300gm net Spray Oil 300g
  • Machine Oil Product Code: TA- OIL Tajima Australia Embroidery Machine lubricant TA Oil is a white, Non-staining fine grade Oil that has been specifically developed for Embroidery and Sewing machines.
    • Ideal for Rotary Hooks, Needle bars, Driver parts, Bearings &Trimming parts.
    • General Lubrication.
    • TA OIL comes in a Handy 1 litre can with easy to manage pouring spout
    1 Litre Can
  • Spray Adhesive Product Code: SP-ADH 350gm net Our spray adhesive has been formulated for today’s environment, it is non-wrinkling, fast drying, colourless and can be either permanent or re-positionable. It is ideal for the placement of embroidery applique, it will bond textile fabrics, paper, cardboard, felt, PVC foils, rubber foams  and cork. The diffuser has been designed to avoid over spraying, it sticks evenly and won’t clog up your needles or attract fluff if applied correctly. *Important note -THIS PRODUCT CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED VIA ROAD FREIGHT !
  • Silicone Lubricant Product Code: SP-SILC Our Silicone lubricant is a specially formulated clear silicone lubricant for the use in industry, the home or in the is Free of CFC’s & Chlorinated solvents, clean & odourless. Silicone spray eliminates or reduces friction, adhesion and wear. Ideal for :
    • Sewing slip agent for Metallic threads.
    • Poor quality sewing & embroidery thread.
    • Cutting tables.
    • Lubricate sporting equipment.
    • Protect and lubricate leisure craft & boating equipment.
    • Nylon moving parts like curtain tracks.
    • Rust prevention.
    • Multipurpose dry lubricant.
    *This product should be used in an adequately ventilated Area and is not oil !
    • For Oiling your Embroidery & Sewing Machines we recommend TA SP-Oil .
    *Important note -THIS PRODUCT CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED VIA ROAD FREIGHT! Made in Australia 300gm net  
  • Machine oil Bottle Product Number : 714000003000 200ml (oil not included)