The Epson Sure Color F2000 Fabric series represents a revolution in textile printing technology. Equipment has been designed from the ground up to ensure superior quality, performance, and reliability when imaging on cloth, garments, and merchandise.

The F2000 is a Direct To Garment (DTG) printing platform for work involving cotton based shirts, caps, bags, and promotional items. Prints can be made to pre-cut fabric or directly onto a finished garment with a heat press then used to ‘fix’ the dye. It enables production of customised and value-added goods with high impact and good wash/wear durability.

Unique to the Epson solution, the printing platform and ink have been developed together. This integrated approach not only ensures exceptional image quality with reduced running costs, but also enhanced mechanical durability with a reduced maintenance burden. The system is quick to install, easy to operate and offers fast, flexible production for low volume applications.

The SC-F2000 uses Epson UltraChrome® DG ink along with an advanced PrecisionCore™ print head. The ink provides a significantly enhanced colour range with high brightness, formulated for easy fixing with a flexible and durable finish. The head provides improved resolution and enhanced reliability with precise dot sizing and placement for smooth predictable colour with minimised bleed and ink consumption.


  • High Productivity – easy platen loading and height adjustment with a mechanism that will print a t-shirt in as little as 44 seconds
  • High Flexibility – supports fabric up to 25mm thick, platen options support print areas up to 406x505mm and ships in a choice of two configurations for high speed colour on light fabric or white + colour on mixed light and dark fabric
  • Low Operational Cost – uses minimum ink to achieve maximum colour with a choice of cartridge sizes to suit different production levels and cost-per-print requirements
  • Compact and Convenient – features a small footprint with front-loaded consumables, a large colour LCD control panel with in-built help, and will accept print jobs from either a PC or USB
    • storage device1
  • Easy to Install & Operate – Quick to set-up, features automatic optical height sensing, automatic self-cleaning, supplied with easy to use Epson Garmet Creator software, and has delivery co-ordinated by Epson Australia2
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  • Epson PrecisionCore™ (TFP) Print Head – supports resolutions up to 1440x1440dpi with precise dot placement and volumetric control to ensure superior image quality/consistency and outstanding operational durability
  • Epson UltraChrome™ DG ink – provides a superior colour gamut with high brightness, excellent elasticity, wash/UV durability & Oeko-Tex conformity3


The Epson SureColor F2000 has been designed for custom in-store printing and low volume commercial applications. It features a solid chassis with high precision head and platen movement.

It incorporates Epson’s advanced PrecisionCore™ Thin Film Print head with micro-fine nozzles that support resolutions up to 1440×1440 dpi with outstanding dot uniformity and pin-point positional accuracy.

When an image is sent to print, it is processed through a customised Look-Up-Table that selects the precise amount of each ink before the printer applies it quickly and evenly for a superior image with reduced production costs.

Epson’s new UltraChrome DG Ink supports fabric with a 50% or greater cotton content.

It features an enhanced Gamut and dMax for superior value-adding on garments and merchandise. It adheres well and fixes easily to produce images with a low tack finish that have good UV/wash durability. The ink has reduced toxicity for simpler handling and a safer work environment.

When fixed to fabric, it complies with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 rating so clothing is safe for wear by adults as well as children.


Platens are available to suit oversized garments, child sizes and even sleeve printing. Platen height setting is easy and the printer incorporates an optical sensor for accurate checking.

The F2000 has been designed to ensure the minimum amount of ink is used on each print job while achieving optimum colour and brightness. The amount of time, difficulty and cost involved with maintenance has also been minimised.

The printer incorporates a re-circulation system to reduce the sedimentation inherent with white ink and has front loaded cartridges for easy loading, agitation and replacement. It features a self-cleaning print head and a mist extraction system with consumables that are quick and inexpensive to replace.

Components that require periodic manual inspection and cleaning are easy to access and the printer actively monitors performance and automatically notifies the operator when attention is required4.

The Epson SureColour F2000 is an exciting garment printer fulfilling all your requirements for an all new age in garment production.