Advanced Design Creation

 With advanced lettering and outline editing features plus professional design creation tools, Creator has everything a new embroiderer needs to be successful.



Advanced Design Creation

• Autotrace

• Quickdraw

• Satin Path

• Run Stitches (Bean, Half Bean, Two Ply)

• Complex Fill (With Holes),

• Cross-Stitch Tool

• Run Stitch Tool

• Slice Tool

• Manual Stitch

• Load and Manipulate Images

• Carved Tiles in Satin Path and Complex Fills

• Programmed Patterns in Complex Fills

• Jagged Edge

• Added Randomness Option

• Cross-Stitch Wizard

• Automatic Appliqué

• Segment Alignment

• Email JPG, Design Files and Worksheets

essential features

in all levels

• Exclusive access to PulseCloud allows you to edit, save and send your designs

• Reading and writing of all popular embroidery formats

• Direct connection to Tajima, Barudan, Brother, SWF, and Toyota embroidery machines.

• Editing tools: resize, rotate, and skew

• True Vector Based Embroidery with integrated drawing tools.

• Superior vector importing from CorelDraw® and Adobe® Illustrator®

• Best-in-class stitch quality with advanced quality control features

• Excellent lettering quality, with the broadest collection of fonts

• Exclusive ability to optimally communicate with Tajima LAN machines

• Over 170 high-quality embroidery fonts included, and over 150 more available as an option

• Printable worksheets with bar codes and design information


Recommended Computer Specifications

Tajima DG15 by Pulse is a 64-bit application and requires 64 bit Windows 8 or Windows 7.  32-bit operating systems and older operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows Vista are not supported.

Below is a list of the recommended computer specifications if you plan to purchase a computer for DG15. Increasing RAM memory and/or processor speed will improve system performance.

  • 3.0 GHz 64-bit Quad Core Genuine Intel Processor
  • 64-bit Microsoft Windows® 8 or 7.
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Minimum 2 GB hard disk drive space available
  • An internet connection is required for PulseCloud access
  • Mouse (three-button is preferred for digitizing)
  • At least one Universal Serial Bus (USB) Port
  •  A LAN (Local Area Network) connection
  • Draw Fusion in DG15 supports 64 bit versions of Corel Draw X7 or X6 only
  • Email export functionality requires a 64-bit email client
  • Connecting to some older embroidery machines through cable may require a serial port.  You must also have an available on-board serial port or USB to Serial adapter and additional hardware available from your distributor.