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About Us

Tajima Australia is a Family owned and operated business with over 40 years of industry experience and has a dedication to providing the highest Quality in all aspects of its business.

We are part of the worldwide Tajima network which has recently celebrated its 70th year as an unrivalled leader in the embroidery machine industry.

Tajima has a well-earned reputation of being the most trusted embroidery brand in the world today.

Here at Tajima Australia we have developed a wonderful and vast network in all major cities around Australia providing sales and technical support to its customers all over the country!

At Tajima Australia we have a wealth of experience in the embroidery and textile industry and can share our experience with you to ensure you are getting the right products to do the job right the first time.

We are proud and confidant that we are offering our customers the highest quality products on the market today.


About the Premium brands that Tajima Australia offer!

Pulse Microsystems Solution Software -Pulse Microsystems is the premier creator of software technology in the apparel decoration industry. With a variety of applications for both embroidery and digital print available on nearly every platform, our industry leading software and technologies have set the standard for the creation of apparel decoration for over 30 years.

Madeira Embroidery Threads and Products – Madeira was founded in Freiburg, Germany, in 1919, and has always been committed to the production of high quality embroidery threads. In the high-end embroidery thread arena, product performance is a direct result of the materials used and the production technology that is employed at the point of manufacture. At Madeira, the development of high quality embroidery thread begins with the finest raw materials available and the most up-to-date dyeing methods. Researchers at Madeira understand that their goal is not only to supply thread that is visually inspiring, but to provide embroiderers with a thread that is reliable and cost-effective.

Seit Lasers -Seit Elettronica has over 30 years’ experience as a world leader in the production of laser machines and medium and high frequency induction machines for the textile industry. Seit and Tajima have  had a long relationship in the embroidery market offering the market Precision Laser cutter and single head to enable the customer to perform applique and without the mess, fuss and  machine down time of traditional methods of applique methods.